For Sale or Joint Venture : 5.27 ha (13 acres) of Hazelnut Orchard

Hazelnut plantation with adjacent land, 14 km NE from Jaroslaw, in the hamlet of Korzenica, township of Laszki, county of Jaroslaw, Podkarpackie region of SE Poland, EU.

Coordinates : N=50.046667 E=22.933889

The Plantation : plot # 601, total area : 5.27 ha. = 13 acres

This hazelnut plantation was established in the 60s for a confectionery factory in Jaroslaw (bought by Cadbury in the early 90's and liquidated in 1997, as soon as the competition was disposed of). Needs refreshing and general cleanup. Work started in Fall 2014 (bush clearing, deweeding, etc) and continues in 2016.
Trees are free of disease, with deep roots 20 - 40 years old. Several species of hazelnut plants. Healthy and robust buds and flowers.

Adjacent lot : plot # 600, total area : 7.47 ha. = 18.5 acres SOLD Under reforestation plan. Initial work done in fall of 2007. Pending reforestation, de-weeded and replanted with barley in 2012. Alternatively, plot # 600 is well suitable for wind or solar energy farm. Right conditions for either; soil class permits reclassification. Transmission line 200 m away. Will divide

Excellent access; right next to Laszki - Lubaczow road. 10 min. to Jaroslaw at the main Krakow - Rzeszow - Przemysl highway.
With the remaining 5% completion of East-West A4 motorway finally scheduled for mid-2016, once on N. Jaroslaw bypass it'll be 25 min. to the Ukrainian border, 1.25 hrs to Slovakia, 2.5 hrs to Krakow, 5.5 hrs to Germany (and on to Lisbon).

When Poland accessed the EU in 2004, it was granted a transition period in which the land cound not be freely bought by non-Polish entities and individuals. It is just about to end. In May 2016, the prices will shoot up and could very well double, as agrocultural land in Poland is still one of EU's cheapest.


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Potentially high earnings :

- over 1500 deeply rooted plants.
- output of approx. 4 kg per plant / up to 1.2 T / ha.
- varieties suitable for hazelnut oil pressing, with 18 % linoline acid content, almost twice that of Mediterranean varieties.
- high EU subsidies : up to $ 910 (E 700) / ha

email :

37-543 Laszki, county of Jaroslaw, region : Podkarpackie (SE Poland, EU)
Hazelnut plantation (# 601 : 5.27 ha = 13 acres)
adjacent land (# 600 : 7.47 ha = 18.5 acres) SOLD
























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